Case Study

Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College, based in Gateshead, has over 1200 students and is one of the highest performing schools in England, specialising in Technology as well as Business and Enterprise. Being one of the first City Technology Colleges it has had the freedom to operate as an academy for nearly 25 years and as such was looking for an MIS partner that could meet their unique requirements.

The College was looking for an easy to use, comprehensive MIS that could be tailored to its needs. SchoolBase® from Furlong was chosen as it provided the flexibility the College needed from a company that listened, understood and had worked with many of the top schools in the country.

The Process

Once SchoolBase was selected the migration couldn’t have been simpler.

Furlong’s data transfer process was excellent, they extracted all of our data from Facility CMIS and then worked with us to ensure we had everything we needed in our SchoolBase® system.

Dr Katy Benbow, Head of Data Services

The College had a number of reports that had been developed over many years covering attendance, assessment and parental reports. As part of the migration Furlong took these reports, recreated and modified them where required, which took a huge administrative burden away from the College.

Feedback from staff was positive from the outset, who with very little training were taking registers and writing their reports straight away. SchoolBase has also provided the opportunity to streamline processes, to bring more information into the MIS that was previously held elsewhere, and has given greater autonomy to all users to access pupil and school level information.  

Working with Furlong

Furlong is different to other MIS providers on the market as they are a service led organisation, focusing on providing tailored solutions.

As such, they have developed additional functionality and features specifically for Emmanuel College. This has included modifications to behaviour management, the detention system and over 55 other requests. Emmanuel College is delighted with the responsiveness of Furlong and the support they receive and will not hesitate to recommend them to other schools.