Case Study

Leighton Park School

Over the past few years Leighton Park has developed the school ICT resources significantly with regard to hardware, software, support and staff resources. This has included an increased ICT support team, a new school network, wireless access for staff and pupils, interactive whiteboards, a new website and laptops for all teachers. Before the purchase of SchoolBase®, subject teachers had no electronic access to pupil data and information. The main school office provided class lists, timetables, student contact details etc. The time spent on providing this information was at times excessive and added to the ever growing list of tasks that a school office has to perform.


Leighton Park consulted a number of providers of school management systems and identified some fundamental requirements for a new management system.

  • User Friendly- an easy to use user interface was of the utmost importance
  • Technical Support - many IT companies offer technical support but rarely meet the needs of a school. It was very important to find a company who could offer good support
  • User Defined - the system needs to meet the needs of the users and the school. This is crucial as every school has unique processes and procedures. Many companies who produce 'off-the-shelf' packages are reluctant to make changes to suit the needs of a school
  • Multi-User Access - it is very important that a large number of staff can access the system at any given time and the speed to the access to data should not deteriorate when a large number of users are logged on
  • Secure - a management information system contains sensitive and personal information. User access rights, user defined menus, usernames, passwords, encryption, and backing up procedures are essential


In September 2006 Leighton Park School decided to go ahead with SchoolBase®, as the SchoolBase® system met all these requirements. It was decided to plan the implementation of Schoobase®; over a few years as there are so many modules that can be used to help a school run more efficiently. Achievements so far:

When looking for a database system the school's primary needs are:

  • A series of meetings and planning sessions were organised to plan the implementation of the new system
  • All data was successfully imported from the existing Admin database into SchoolBase®
  • This included pupil and staff details, importing the timetable from an existing package, setting up users / access rights, importing examination results and creating all of the current school assessments and reports
  • Furlong provided on site training on all aspects of SchoolBase® for both Admin and staff users
  • The system was implemented on time and was functioning from day one
  • The schools external examination system for entering students was successfully transferred to SchoolBase®

For more details please contact:

Mike Ward
IT Manager
Telephone: 0118 9879600