Case Study

The English School of Kyrenia

Why the need for a new Management Information System?

The decision to move to a new MIS stemmed from the rapid growth in the school. The school moved premises from a small building with 60 children to a new purpose built building. Student numbers grew to 360 and this year they grew further to 600.

Irfan Nevzat (Director of ESK) said ‘our home grown MIS was fine for 60 children but was clearly not powerful or flexible enough for a large school.’

Why SchoolBase®?

Irfan and his brother Levent saw a number of other companies before finally settling on Furlong and SchoolBase as Irfan explains. 

SchoolBase had been recommended to us by Mr Brian Smith, the then Head at the British International School of Istanbul who was joining us at ESK for the next academic year (starting in September 2010) as our Head of Secondary. Brian had seen the demonstration and recommended we have a look.  We arranged for a demonstration at school with Sue Allen of Furlong.  My brother Levent is a techie and I am far from it! It was interesting to see how we would both feel about the system. Sue was excellent and had plenty of time for our questions. The system was more user friendly than others we had considered and had been designed with independent schools in mind.  Sue also left us with the impression that SchoolBase is a responsive family style company with whom we could have a very direct relationship. The other attraction was that the system (and relative costs) could grow with us.

Irfan Nevzat (Director of ESK)

Moving to a new system

Changing to a new MIS can be daunting and as you might expect there was some wariness from staff about the challenges ahead.  Irfan describes those first few months.  

The move to SchoolBase was relatively smooth. We had a few expected hitches but I am delighted to say that we were supported every step of the way. Adam and Howard spent much valuable time with us at the school. This supportive relationship has continued and we are fortunate to have Liz Nutt based in Cyprus to come and help us when we require. We have also been very pleased with the telephone and online support from the UK. We definitely would recommend SchoolBase to other schools. We are at the stage now where we are using more and more features and quite often I hear one of the Heads or my brother say something like: ‘did you know SchoolBase can do X or Y, that is a real time saving'.

Irfan Nevzat (Director of ESK)