Key Features

The SchoolBase® Management Information System is flexible enough to grow with your school and adapt to future needs.

For parents

Interactive three way communication portal, monitor attendance, progress, choose and book activities/clubs, book parents' evenings, update contact details

For pupils

Access real-time timetable, submit homework, view calendar including all fixtures, track ‘my progress’, view attendance, events and clubs

Admissions & marketing

Manage your admissions process, parents register online, track all correspondence, analysis tools for marketing, entrance exams (including online)

Pupil finder

Instant access to pupil and record, comprehensive and intuitive pupil filtering, bulk updating of records and multi-edit functions

Apps & other portals

For parents, pupils, staff and alumni, any browser, any device

Data management tools

Powerful data cleansing and integrity tools, annual census, annual roll-over, data importers/exporters, configuration, language and terminology control

Report designer

Simple to use, allows users to build and distribute their own bespoke pupil information reports


AM/PM attendance tracking, biometric and smart phone, lesson by lesson, registration communication system, quick pupil information, attendance report

Curriculum & timetable

Activity, music lessons, learning support overlays, covers and invigilation, real-time integrated timetable includes activities and clubs

Calendar & event management

Event, resource management and tasks, publish to pupil/parent portals, automatic distribution, sync Microsoft and Google calendars, define task and risk assessment procedures for trips

Activities & sports

Integrates with assessments and reporting, online management and booking facilities, team and fixture management, before school, lunch and after schools clubs

Public examinations management

Examboard base data support, make entries, import result sets, conduct analysis, clash management in exam timetable, all exam boards, powerful seating planner for any shaped room

Records of achievement

Current and former pupils can create and record their achievements including qualifications, extra curricular, award schemes, sport, helps career planning and UCAS applications

All staff

HR, training, CPD and appointment system, departmental management, homework setting, lesson observations, clock in/out, absence request and cover management

Quick launch dashboard

The simplest way to access your most popular functions - with a single click


Easily create templates or automatically set up criteria based mark book for teachers, simplifies tracking, reports, analysis and communication, powerful seating planner

Assessment and tracking

All reports designed to your specification, EYFS tracking and reporting, progress alerts for group and individuals, standardised scores, criteria based assessments

Behaviour & safeguarding

Rewards and sanctions, report cards, care list, seating plans, detention manager, daily pastoral tracking

Educational needs

Intervention analysis, gifted and talented, IEPs and ILPs, SEND status


Records any medical condition, medical centre management, medical alerts and parental consent, dietary reports,manage practitioners, full treatment system for pupils and staff, accident book

Music & performing arts system

Maestro® - music and performing arts management, flexible lesson scheduling, manage ensembles, pupil management and billing, available separately

Finance management systems

FeeMaster® - the ultimate fee billing service, integrates with exams, activities, buses, links to Sage and other accounting systems, available separately

Library system

BookEnds® - library and user management, record and create attributes against all resources, barcode generation, clock in/out by scanner, book reviews, recommended reading, multiple classification and cataloguing system

Till management system

Barcode scanning purchasing system, create selling lists for food and drink, IT, music, uniform, and stationery

Bus management system

Tracks AM/PM bus usage, pupil bus scheduler, incorporates bus billing, registers and bus passes

Big Data

Centralised login to all MIS from one portal, define user levels, create custom group, trust level reports including attendance, behaviour, progress, interventions.